Run For Life

Posted by on Mar 16, 2015

In honour of Megan McNeil, on Sunday April 12th, 2015, join the run for life and your entry fee can be a BCCCPA donation!


Run for Life… How we started

run_for_lifeFourteen years ago, our team of family and friends formed ‘ The Pegasauruses’ to participate in the Relay For Life held in Coquitlam, BC which raises money for the Canadian Cancer Society. The team ran in honour of our friend, Peggy, who was just diagnosed with cancer. That’s Peggy to the right!

In 2011 after the passing of North Delta’s Megan McNeil we decided to include Megan’s passion to bring awareness to Childhood Cancer into our teams “WHY” and hold the “Run for Life” in Megan’s honour. Megan’s parents received emotional support and help from B.C.C.C.P.A. (the BC Childhood Cancer Parents Association), which supports families that struggle financially while battling their child’s cancer. Run for Life participants can now choose where they’d like their entry fee to go – to BCCCPA or the Canadian Cancer Society.

Pledges were raised through car washes, clothing drives, and BBQ’s. As the years went by, our “WHY” became more meaningful as other team members’ lives became affected by cancer. Peggy is our team’s first cancer survivor. The team wanted a way to raise more money and thus the “Run For Life” was organized.

We are proud to be holding the 13th Annual Run For Life on April 12, 2015.

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